We are very proud to state that our products are largely manufactured in the United Kingdom.  The following paragraphs will explain in more detail where the various parts are sourced from with links to our suppliers where appropriate.  In addition to our manufactured products, our range includes some knife products and accessories which are manufactured outside of the UK.

Most of the assembled products e.g. the original Fish 200 Series are made for us by a team of some 7 local home workers.


Genesis Plastics Ltd

Genesis are a local injection moulding and toolmaking company.  They supply moulded parts for the Fish 200, Fish 2000/3000, Boxer 700, T500 and Trim Guard 30 product ranges.  They also mould the Fish 600 and Penguin 400, 900 and 1000 ranges and these are finished products ready for sale.

Jewel Blade Limited

All of the blades used in our manufactured products are made by Jewel Blade in Sheffield.  Some, like the blades for the Fish 200,  are bespoke designs for which we own the tooling while others, like the classic 92A utility blade used in the ReAkta Knife, are bought 'off the shelf'.  Jewel also supply the SKR range of retractable knives although these are manufactured in China.

William Beckett Plastics Ltd

William Beckett Plastics mould the bodies and component parts for our ReAkta Knife and Shark Safety Knife.

Vernier Springs & Pressings Ltd

Most of the springs used in the various safety knives are supplied by Vernier Springs & Pressings.

DT Solutions Ltd

DT Solutions cut the bodies for, and assemble the Big Fish Safety Knife.

BST Detectable Products

All of the metal detectable pens we sell are supplied by BST. As far as we are aware, these are manufactured in the UK.  They are also a distributor for our metal detectable safety knives.

Detectamet Ltd
Pocklington, York

Detectamet supply the metal detectable gloves, cable ties, ear plugs and other accessories.  They are also a distributor for our metal detectable safety knives.

JSK Ultrasonics Limited
Milton Keynes

The Fish 2000 / 3000 Series and the Swan Series Safety Knives are ultrasonically welded together at JSK.