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The Penguin 1000 is a compact, lightweight, push and pull action safety knife with angled twin blade entries and 'opposing' slopes to reduce friction.  This, combined with a blunt tape cutter, is an economical and efficient disposable safety knife.

For the METAL DETECTABLE version of the Penguin 1000, click here

  • No removable parts 
  • Opposing slopes on the knife reduces friction for a more efficient cut
  • Push and pull action
  • Guarded twin blade entries
  • Lanyard point
  • Compact
  • Disposable
  • Stretch / Bubble Wrap
  • Strapping / Banding
  • Card / Tape
  • Bags / Sacks
  • String
  • Netting

KNIFE BODYPolypropylene Plastic
TAPE CUTTERStainless Steel
DIMENSIONS120 x 60 x 9 mm

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