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The ReAkta Utility Knife has a unique mechanism where the blade locks in the 'out' position when a controlled cut is being made, however if the knife is dropped, shaken or jerked, the blade will automatically retract.  Available in a heavy duty version with aluminium blade carrier and a standard duty with plastic blade carrier.  Moulded in a metal detectable plastic with stainless steel blade, complete with metal detectable security key for a controlled blade change.

  • Aluminium or Plastic blade carrier 
  • Moulded in a tough glassed filled nylon plastic
  • Blade storage inside the knife
  • Security key for a controlled blade change
  • Reversible and replaceable blades
  • Easy blade change and cleaning procedure
  • Plasterboard
  • Carpet
  • Lino
  • Rubber
  • Cable
  • Card

BODY20% Glass Filled Metal Detectable Nylon Plastic
BLADE CARRIERHeavy Duty - Aluminium / Std Duty - 20% Glass Filled Metal Detectable Nylon Plastic
COMPONENTSStainless Steel
BLADEStainless Steel
DIMENSIONS167 x 50 x 18mm