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Just one or two key points that take a minute or two to train out can make all the difference especially when changing from 'open blade' knives to 'enclosed blade' safety knives. Guidance/Information Sheets are supplied with all products and training videos are available for most

Guidance/Information Sheets can be downloaded from this website.  Simply look up the product under 'Products' and select the 'Downloads' tab, you will find a PDF version of the instruction leaflet here.  Alternatively, we can email or post these to you free of charge.  If you would like a more personalised instruction leaflet or a specific sentence or change of wording suitable for your application, please get in touch with us and we can discuss your requirements.

Please visit our 'Videos Page' to view our training videos on the safety and utility Knives. 
PLEASE NOTE: Some of our newer products are awaiting training videos and may not appear in the 'Videos Page'


Site visits are possible.  Our General Manager, David Harris visits several companies every month either to review their use of knives, assist with training or to make presentations on safety knife types and applications.

If you feel you would benefit from a visit or would just like to make an enquiry regarding training or a possible visit, please complete our 'Contact Us' form with a brief outline of your requirements, ensuring you select 'Submit to UK office' and we will come back to you shortly.


Feedback is of great importance to us and we are always interested to hear your thoughts, comments, suggestions and testimonials to help us continually improve our service to you. 

New customers will receive a follow up email from our Sales Team with a request to complete our online Customer Satisfaction Survey.

If you would like to report your feedback to us, or leave us a testimonial, please complete our 'Contact Us' form, ensuring you select 'Submit to UK office' and we will look forward to receiving your comments.